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Monday, January 3, 2011

Set 003 - Vintage Sheet Music Free Clipart Biege Tan - Butterflies Insects

Set #03 - Vintage Sheet Music Decoupage Clipart Print Collection - Make your own cards, decoupage, scrapbooks - Free crafty clipart prints for your decoupage scrapbooks greeting cards and other paper crafts.

For small prints, copy directly from here. For full size prints click the thumbnail to enlarge.

Please read and follow my copyright rules.


  1. these are great... thanks so much!

  2. Hi Jean, I was hoping to use these in an elementary school yearbook I volunteer my time to help make annually. May I please use them for that?

  3. Hi Jean, I volunteer my time to help make my kid's school yearbook each year and would like to use these beautiful musical butterflies but I do not see your copyright rules?

  4. Yes love, you can use them for you school yearbook. My copyright rules are on my main blog

  5. There is also a direct link to my copyright rules at the top left of this page.


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